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Mickie James Is Terrified Of Horror Movies, But She Loves A Little Bit Of Disney

Mickie James might be Hardcore County but it doesn’t sound like she’d ever want to be a Final Girl.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Mickie James, who won the Knockouts Championship at IMPACT’s Hard To Kill event. The event took place on Friday the 13th, so Mickie was asked what her favorite scary movie was. As it turns out, Mickie is not a fan of horror movies at all.

“Okay, so here’s the deal… I don’t watch scary movies. They terrify me. I don’t sleep for weeks. I wake up. Ironically, Friday the 13th was the one horror movie that I watched way too young and I didn’t sleep for a month. I was terrified. I watched it with my uncle and his friends and they were like, I don’t know, five years older than me or so, and I thought I was trying to be cool and hang out and be cool. Terrified me. It was awful. I’ve done a lot of like I’ve done Horror Hound and comic cons where I’ve met a lot of these people, the new [Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney] and they’re awesome. I can’t even watch something if it’s too gruesome.

“No, I don’t want to see blood. I don’t want to see guts. I cringe. I struggle to watch hardcore matches that are that get too bloody,” James added. “My face turns and does this whole other thing. I start making weird noises like that one. My hands go up over my face and like, ‘No, I can’t.’ So. I wish I loved to be scared.”

While she’s not a fan of horror films, James did note that her brand of violence is a bit more toned-down for television.

“I love a bit of Disney, though. I was just binge-watching Heartland downstairs like a real mom. I like NCIS. I love Law & Order, especially SVU,” James noted. “When people get killed, but they get the guy, I’m okay with it. It’s when there’s the possibility that they’re still out there murdering folks or like, ‘I’m a killer, I’m a serial killer or whatever.’ No, I’m not trying to glorify you, buddy.”

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