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Finn Balor Wants Another Crack At Lasting An Hour In The Royal Rumble Match

WWE star Finn Balor wants another shot at lasting an hour in the Royal Rumble Match.

Speaking with BTSports’ Rob Armstrong on What Went Down, Balor looked back on some of the highlights of his career, and the 2018 Royal Rumble came up. There, he lasted over 57 minutes in the battle royal until John Cena eliminated him. In hindsight, Balor noted that he felt like he could have kept going, and he wants another shot at the one-hour mark.

“It was fine. I remember thinking I could go for a little longer,” Balor said. “It definitely felt like something was achieved that night. Some nights, you go out there and you just do your job, and it’s A,B,C, D, and then you’re down. With that, there was a lot of kind of working on the fly or just having to improvise a lot and really be in the moment and enjoy it. I really did, and I would love another shot at maybe cracking the one-hour mark in the Rumble.

“I was a little bit disappointed, actually, that I got 57 minutes, 58 seconds or something like that. I had no idea, but when I came back, someone told me and [said], ‘Oh, good job, you almost landed an hour.’ I was like, ‘Almost? It felt like a little bit longer than that’ [laughs]

As of this writing, Balor has yet to declare for the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

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