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Jordan Clearwater: I’m ‘Stoked’ To Be The First NWA TV Champion To Appear On Live TV

NWA World Television Champion Jordan Clearwater is excited about the January 31 episode of NWA Powerrr.

Tuesday’s show will mark the first-ever live episode of the program, which is typically taped in blocks. Clearwater, the reigning NWA World Television Champion, will make history, as he will be the first person in the title’s history to appear on a live show for the NWA.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Clearwater shared his thoughts on the live episode of NWA Powerrr and expressed his excitement. He stated that he hopes Tuesday’s episode will drive more interest for the company’s pay-per-views.

“I’m pretty stoked that I get to be the first NWA World Television Champion that’s a live television show for the NWA,” Clearwater said. “Live television makes such a big difference, especially when we’re used to filming Powerrr six to eight weeks at a time, a season at a time, but now you guys get to experience what it’s like in real time. Hopefully that drives some more attention and audience to the pay-per-views that are gated behind maybe a paywall on FITE TV.

When asked to describe the differences between live TV and taped shows, Clearwater referenced Botchamania and noted that, with live television, there are no retakes. He also described how Chris Adonis, also known as Chris Masters, has helped him see that some mistakes can actually be gifts.

“I gotta go back to like Botchamania. ‘It’s live, pal!’ [Laughs] I think that’s such a great saying because it’s so true,” Clearwater said. “It’s a raw and realistic emotion that you get through the television. In COVID, we didn’t really have a whole lot of Botchamanias because things could be retaped over and over again. W e don’t really do that on the loops, but I think one of the unique things that comes out of live television is having real-time moments.

“Some of the mistakes that might happen… could be perceived as gifts. Chris Masters taught me that not every mistake, not every botch is really just a botch. It’s a gift if you use it right. So getting to see that and getting to see the audience react in real time, it’s hard not to love live television.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA Powerrr as it airs on Tuesday.

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