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Arn Anderson Reveals When His And Brock Anderson’s AEW Deals Expire

A new update on the contract status of Brock Anderson and Arn Anderson has emerged.

Arn Anderson originally joined AEW as Cody Rhodes’ coach in front of the camera and took on roles behind the scenes as well. His son, Brock Anderson would join AEW shortly thereafter also being paired with Cody Rhodes early in his career.


Cody Rhodes left AEW in February 2022 to rejoin WWE. Since then, the Andersons have remained with AEW as each tried to find their footing without Cody Rhodes in the company.

Speaking with Steve Fall of, Arn Anderson revealed that his son’s AEW contract will expire in May 2023.

“Well, Brock’s got about, I think in May his is up, and then I have another year passed that,” said Arn. “I’m having a great time. I’m enjoying working for the company and I’m going to certainly get that last year now. What they have for Brock and I together going forward, I don’t know.”

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As for his own future, Arn is open to staying with AEW for as long as they would like him to do so.

“I will stay with AEW as long as they want me,” Anderson said. “That’s my one thing, and I said that after I left, well, I was canned by WWE. I don’t want to be anywhere that I’m not wanted anyway, not for one minute, not for any amount of money, not for one second.”

Anderson added, “If at the end of the contract, they would like for me to stay aboard in some limited capacity, I would love to.”

Currently, Arn Anderson has paired his son with Brian Pillman Jr. on television in order to see if their careers will gain any traction as a tag team.

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