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NWA Nuff Said Results (2/11/23): Tyrus vs. Matt Cardona

Backstage, May Valentine speaks with Angelina Love, who previews her title match against Kamille. Valentine brings up Fodder, and Love says Valentine embarrassed herself by posing for Playboy. Love says that when she’s in bed with Fodder tonight, the only thing coming between them will be the NWA World Women’s Championship.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Pretty Empowered (Kenzie Paige & Elly Envy) vs. The Renegade Twins (Charlette & Robyn Renegade)

The challengers take control early on. They double-team Paige and isolate her. Envy tags in and gains the upper hand. She stomps Robyn, and the champions continue to dominate. Charlette tags in and fires up with a flurry of offense. The Renegades go for a double-team, but Ella breaks it up. Charlette pins Envy to win the match.

Winners and new NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Renegade Twins (Charlette & Robyn Renegade)

EC3 vs. Kevin Kiley Jr.

EC3 and Kiley Jr. feel each other out. Kiley lifts EC3, who escapes a slam and sends his opponent into the turnbuckle. EC3 grounds Kiley and suplexes. Kiley fires up and drops EC3 with a neckbreaker. He floors EC3 with a spinebuster. Kiley goes for a dive over the turnbuckle and crashes hard onto the floor. EC3 gets Kiley back in the ring and makes him tap out to The Purpose.

Winner: EC3

NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebelión (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Damage & Carnage) (with Aron Stevens)

Carnage overpowers Mecha Wolf early on. Bestia 666 tags in, and Damage floors him with a shoulder block. Blunt Force Trauma isolates Bestia 666. He tags Mecha Wolf, who takes Damage down with a crossbody. He dives onto Damage and Carnage. The champions take the fight to Blunt Force Trauma. The challengers briefly take control. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf start to gain momentum until Stevens hits Bestita 666, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners by disqualification and still NWA World Tag Team ChampionsLa Rebelión (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666)

Stevens and Blunt Force Trauma attack the champions and leave them lying.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Chris Adonis

Murdoch hits Adonis with some stiff blows. Adonis goes for the Masterlock and comes up empty. The match heads to the outside, and Murdoch slams Adonis into the barricade. Back in the ring, Murdoch sends Adonis shoulder-first into the ring post twice. The former world champion targets Adonis’ arm and floors him with a clothesline. Murdoch goes for the bulldog, but Adonis counters and traps him in the Masterlock until the referee calls for the bell.

WinnerChris Adonis

No Disqualification Match for NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Angelina Love

Kamille attacks Love during her entrance and unloads with a series of strikes. She pulls Love by her hair and sends her hard into the corner. Love dodges a charging Kamille and sends her into the ring post. She slams Kamille into the steel and chokes her with her boot. Love hits Kamille with a chair. Kamille swings the chair and comes up empty. Love traps Kamille in a crossface. Back on the outside, Love continues to control the action. Kamille rallies and locks in the Torture Wrack. She slams Love for a two count. Kamille goes coast-to-coast and kicks a trashcan into Love’s face. The champion gets a table, but Love hits the Boto Injection for a two count.

Love gets the title belt and goes to hit Kamille with it. Kamille sends Love through a table with a Spear. She pins Love and retains the title.

Winner and still NWA World Women’s Champion: Kamille

In an interview, Tyrus says he’s the mountain top, critics’ boos build him up, and everyone will bask in his glory after he wins tonight.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon (c) vs. Homicide

Austin Idol cuts a promo where he looks back on his career and trashes Tampa. Homicide takes the fight to Cyon and rips at his mask. He sends the champion in the turnbuckle. Homicide locks in a double crab but breaks the hold when Idol distracts him. He keeps ripping at the champion’s mask. Cyon gains the upper hand, and Idol gets a cheap shot when the referee isn’t looking. He overpowers Homicide and grounds him. Cyon hits a powerslam for a two count. He grabs a microphone and says Homicide is going to apologize for what he said to Idol. Homicide calls Idol a “bitch.” He rallies and rocks Cyon with a punch.

Homicide hits the Three Amigos. He goes up top, but Cyon stops him. Homicide rolls up Cyon for a two count. He hits a cutter for another two count. Cyon rolls Homicide up and gets the three count.

NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Cyon

Cyon talks some trash to Homicide, and Idol kicks the challenger when he’s down.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship – No Seconds Allowed At Ringside: Tyrus (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Bully Ray hypes up the crowd by saying it feels great to be back in Tampa. He joins the commentary team for this match. The bell rings, and Tyrus gains an early advantage. Tyrus overpowers Cardona and drops him with a shoulder block. Cardona goes to the outside, and Ray tells him to get back in the ring. Tyrus capitalizes on the distraction and gets Cardona back in the ring. Cardona crotches Tyrus on the ropes and hits a missile dropkick. He takes Tyrus down with a dropkick. Cardona keeps Tyrus grounded. The challenger traps Tyrus in a Figure-Four leglock, but Cardona breaks the hold. Tyrus rallies and slams Cardona to the mat.

Cardona fires back and hits the Reboot three times. He goes to the outside and gets the title. Cardona pushes the referee, and the official grabs the gelt. Tyrus goes for the Heart Punch, and Cardona moves, so Tyrus hits the referee. Tyrus hits an elbow drop and pins Cardona, but the official is down. Rolando Freeman runs down and hits Tyrus with a chair. Tyrus no-sells it and throws Rolando across the ring. Cardona hits Tyrus with a chair and blasts him with the title for a two count. Tyrus goes for a splash in the corner, but Cardona dodges it, so Tyrus takes out the referee again. Mike Knox runs down and attacks Tyrus.

Knox grabs the ring bell, but Bully Ray stops him. Cardona yells at Ray, and Tyrus capitalizes by putting Cardona in the Tongan Death Grip. He slams Cardona and pins him for the win.

Winner and still NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus

Bully Ray grabs the title and asks for a microphone. He says he respects Tyrus and gives him the title. Ray references Tyrus’ days as Brodus Clay and says now he’s one of the most credible world champions out there. He says Tyrus deserves the title, and he has won the people over. Ray says you have to respect Tyrus for what he’s done. Tyrus says the words meant a lot. He brings up his work on FOX TV and says he’ll face Ray anytime he wants.

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