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Matt Morgan Believes Vince McMahon Giving Him The F5 Was A Shot At Brock Lesnar

Matt Morgan started performing the F5 in WWE at the request of Vince McMahon shortly after Brock Lesnar departed the company.

Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about adopting the F5 finishing move in WWE, Morgan said he’s pretty sure Vince McMahon gave it to him as a dig against Brock Lesnar, who just recently departed the company.

“So, funny story. I always felt like Vince called me into his office to tell me that was going to be my new finisher,” Matt Morgan revealed. “And I always thought it was kind of like a shot to Brock. Now I get called back up to SmackDown with black dyed hair, big beard-looking stuttering Matt Morgan with the black trunks. And anyway, he called me in his office and told me he wants me to be doing the F5 as a finisher do. I think I could do it, and I said sure, no problem.

“But in the back of my head, I always kind of thought that was a shot at Brock because he had just not too long ago quit their company to go on tryout for the NFL, and I always thought that was maybe a dig at him because I was close with Brock at the time. My first time I got called up. I rode with him a couple of times. He told me anything I ever needed come to him with, and I did the first time I got called up. We had that Danny Davis Ohio Valley Wrestling connection together.”

Morgan went on to reveal that the first F5 he ever did on WWE programming was to The Big Show, which is an insanely impressive feat.

“But anyways, my first time doing the F5 was to Big Show,” Matt Morgan recalled. “Brother, that’s the first time I ever tried the F5. So when they said can you do it? Yes sir, no problem. But then you know you hope Big Show will help you get his big butt up, things like that when you deliver the move, but we pulled it off, luckily. And at the time, I’m pretty sure I was only the third person to lift Big Show up on their shoulders, at least in a WWE ring. I know Cena did; I know Brock did, and I was the third.”

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What do you make of Matt Morgan’s comments? Do you think he was better at doing the F5 than Brock Lesnar? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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