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Carmella: Asuka Is Back With A Vengeance, But I’ve Beaten Her Before And I’ll Do It Again

Carmella is busy formulating a game plan in order to win at WWE Elimination Chamber this weekend.

The Princess of Staten Island was a recent guest on WWE’s The Bump to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how she intends to deal with this new version of Asuka inside the Elimination Chamber, Carmella said she’d beaten Asuka twice already, and despite her new face paint and gear, she’ll beat her again on Saturday.

“Asuka, I mean, she is back with a vengeance, baby,” Carmella said. “I mean, she totally turned on me and Nikki. I was not looking forward to teaming with either of them, to be honest. Because both of them are so weird, and they were creeping me out before the match. But I can’t even believe that Asuka would do that to us. I will say this, we all know I’ve beaten Asuka before. Not only have I beaten her once, I’ve beaten her twice. So I mean sure, her face is painted, she’s wearing different gear. She is ready to go. But I’ve beat her before, and I can do it again.”

When asked about Raquel Gonzalez, Carmella admitted she’s a bit intimidated by her due to her size, but she’s got a few days to figure out her strategy.

“I was thinking of that this morning because I knew I was coming on The Bump today, and I knew we’d be talking about Chamber. Everyone in that I have had a match with before, and I’ve defeated, Raquel is the only one that I have not,” Carmella said. “I saw her for the first time last week in person, and I could not believe how tall she is. I was a little worried. So being in the ring with her this week I’m like, okay, I need to work my strategy out with her because I don’t know what I’m going to do, but obviously, I’m going to figure it out. I just have a few days to get there.”

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