richard holliday
Photo Credit: Major League Wrestling

Richard Holliday Finishes Treatment For Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Richard Holliday of Major League Wrestling continues down the road of recovery, sharing a major update on Saturday.

The superstar took to Twitter on Saturday morning to share that he had officially finished his treatment sessions for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In a brief tweet, Holliday thanked fans for their outreach and support, noting that it had “guided” him through the process.

A video alongside the tweet shows Holliday ringing a bell to signify his treatment finishing, while his family and nurses cheer him on.

The Major League Wrestling star shared the news in an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. He hasn’t wrestled since June, as he has been focused on his treatment ever since. In the interview, he noted that the journey has been a “whirlwind”. He recalled how he didn’t feel well at the time of his last match, and he knew something was wrong.

On behalf of everyone here at WrestleZone, we wish Richard Holliday a healthy and full recovery. We look forward to seeing him return to the ring soon.

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