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Pat McAfee Addresses His Future In WWE

Pat McAfee is uncertain about his future in WWE.

In September 2022, McAfee stepped back from his role on color commentary to fulfill a new endeavor with ESPN’s College GameDay. As the football season winded down, McAfee maintained his duty as the host of the “Pat McAfee Show,” and continues to prepare for the birth of his child. On January 28, McAfee made his surprise return to WWE, joining Michael Cole and Corey in the commentary booth. After the Royal Rumble, no follow-up appearance occurred.


McAfee recently admitted that his brain has “been cookin.” During a recent “think sesh” on the beach, McAfee contemplated the future for multiple facets in his life, including WWE. In a Twitter post, McAfee appeared happy with his previous work in the company, but expressed concern about the impending possibility of a sale of WWE.

“Baby girl on the way… what’s that mean for my future with @WWE?” McAfee wrote. “I LOVE it but, they’re allegedly gonna be sold, who’s buying them? Do I want to work/make money for those people?”

Amidst his lengthy Twitter post, McAfee opened up on his time on College GameDay as well, noting no long-time deal presented itself. Despite that, McAfee recalled it as “good time” where he “enjoyed the workload.”

“I think we had the greatest year it’s had in like 2 decades or something ratings wise… f***ing WILD.. I was told a lot of Old Whites weren’t gonna watch because of me,” he shared. “Got to see so many insanely beautiful campuses/places.. being new man on the totem pole when it came to hotel rooms (impossible to book, Shahtaht to the GameDay crew behind the scenes.. absolute LEGENDS) was good for me. Took me back to my roots… will DEFINITELY be getting a bus if GameDay continues to be in the ol’ life schedule.”

While McAfee’s future in WWE remains uncertain, McAfee remains optimistic in every aspect of his life. “Let’s keep it going,” he wrote.

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