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Matt Cardona And Brian Myers Release Trailer For New Reality Show

Matt Cardona, Brian Myers and the Major Wrestling Podcast could be starring in a new reality show soon.

Cardona and Myers shared a trailer for the potential new series on the Major Pod Network YouTube channel. The Major team has been working with Scott Yager, Texas Crew Productions & Roaming Buffalo Films on developing the reality show for the past year.

Titled Life on the Ropes, the show would spotlight Matt Cardona and Brian Myers and their journey in the wrestling world. Both men continue to wrestle, and they also have successful projects outside of the ring, including The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and the live shows they host for it. Mark Sterling, Swoggle, Chelsea Green, and others were also shown in the trailer, which included clips from Matt Cardona’s work with GCW, as well as footage from Cardona and Myers’ time in WWE.

It’s worth noting that the series is only in development. WrestleZone confirmed that this is not an existing project ready to air and it is more of a proof-of-concept trailer. The team behind the series is looking for a distribution partner and serious inquiries can reach out to

Check out the concept trailer below:

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