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Photo Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Wade Barrett Is On Board With A Nick Aldis Run In WWE

As Nick Aldis continues to explore the free agency market, the question remains: where will he go next?

Last month, the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion revealed his plans to keep “a couple of irons in the fire” rather than dedicating himself to just one place right now. With that mindset, Aldis has crafted his schedule to include some international appearances as well, namely Australia and Canada so far. Though Aldis seems intent on riding the free agency road for a while, many hope the final destination leads him to a major company, such as AEW or WWE.

Speaking with Metro UK, WWE commentator Wade Barrett said he’d be keen to see “The National Treasure” make his way to WWE. “He’s a guy I’ve got a lot of respect for, I think he’ll have gonna have success whatever he ends up doing, whether it’s on the independents, whether it’s going back to NWA, or to any other company – or hopefully one day, come over to WWE… I think he’s got a lot he can contribute,” Barrett said. “In terms of supporters, I’m certainly on board as a supporter of Nick Aldis one day coming to WWE.”

Barrett, of course, has some ties to Aldis’ former employer — the National Wrestling Alliance — as he completed a brief stint on commentary before returning to WWE in August 2020. Long before either of them made it to the major companies, though, Barrett and Aldis first met on the UK indie circuit. Barrett also recalled Aldis being one of his first singles opponents, as the two squared off at DKW in 2005.

“I remember the fact that I think it was his second-ever singles matches, it was my first-ever singles match. So we were both really, really inexperienced, really, really green,” Barrett explained.

Despite their paths taking an obvious diversion from each other, Barrett remains a huge supporter of Nick Aldis. “I’m as big a fan of Nick Aldis as anyone,” he said. “I think first of all, he’s a fantastic talker, he’s got a great look, he’s a really good representative for this industry in general, and I love his classic throwback in-ring style.”

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