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Vinny Pacifico: The Kingdom Are Great People To Learn From, They’re Very Welcoming

Vinny Pacifico continues to learn something new with every match he competes in.

Independent wrestling star Vinny Pacifico recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about learning from other people in the industry, Pacifico said he likes to learn from every match he takes part in.

“I like to take everything from every match I have and learn from it,” Vinny Pacifico said. “Pretty funny, though, Parker was part of my match in NXT I had with Joe Gacy. I was like, ‘Oh shit, this is a cool moment for us.’ Parker’s awesome. Every match I have, I try to learn something different, whether it’s the minute things like a look to the crowd or the camera, or very intricate things I could do differently each match that makes it different.

“Somebody I’d love to learn from is AEW is Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, these people I’ve known from Ring of Honor from back in the day. They’re amazing to learn from, amazing to talk to. They’re great people, very welcoming, so anyone watching this who has the chance to go to one of their shows and work them or work on the same show as them, pick their brain.

“They’re very giving and they always wanna give you the best advice they can. Cheeseburger is somebody who trained me. If I see him at AEW or Ring of Honor, it’s always good to catch up with him and talk to him. Rhett Titus, me and Rhett go way back from Ring of Honor. I had a few times where I used to drive the ring truck with him. Always fun time blasting music.

“Every match I tried to go out there and do something different or try to add something in my match that I watched something on TV and think could work for me. So yes, every match I’ve had, I’ve learned. Joe Gacy’s one with NXT, I learned so much because the producers they have backstage are so smart and so different so what they wanted of the match and how they described things backstage was just on a different level.

“I was so grateful for that. That was a day of just straight-up learning all day. I was there at 9-9:30 in the morning and I was learning the minute I got there. People are just spreading knowledge in NXT constantly. Even if they aren’t trying to all day, you’re learning no matter what. There’s a constant spread of knowledge all day, and I took in everything I can. Joe Gacy’s awesome.”

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