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Jeff Jarrett: AEW’s Eventful Summer Says A Lot About The Brand

AEW star and Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett looks forward to what promises to be a remarkable summer for All Elite Wrestling.

On May 28, AEW will hold the Double or Nothing pay-per-view. AEW Collision, the company’s new TV show, will premiere on June 17. AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door will be held on June 25, and AEW has both the All In: London at Wembley Stadium and All Out events on the horizon as well.

Speaking on The Mark Hoke Show, Jarrett commented on the excitement surrounding the company’s upcoming schedule, starting with AEW Double or Nothing.

“The whole summer, again, Double or Nothing, it’s enormously, and I look back over the last few years at the cards,” Jarrett said. “It’s kind of amazing what’s already taking place, and this year, the Anarchy match, huge. Jericho’s match, huge. A ladder match, our tag match. The Four Pillars, they couldn’t have done the Four Pillars the last couple years, just because of the talent development. But when you look at the card top to bottom, you see the Four Pillars that are stepping out in front in the main event for the title, that says an enormous amount about the brand. But that’s kicking off the summer.

“Collision, June 17, Forbidden Door in Toronto, sold out in a day, the New Japan and AEW show. The Calgary Stampede, which some folks in America may not be familiar, but it is a pop culture event just has been in existence for years and years in Canada. We started that as a House Rules event. It’s turned into a Collision event. That’s gonna be in the middle of July. They told into Wembley and All In and All Out. You just kind of think, that’s all happening in the next 90 days. That to me says so much about the brand.”

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