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Shayna Baszler: Tag Title Opportunity Did Not Come Easy, It Wasn’t Handed To Us

Shayna Baszler is putting things in perspective.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Shayna Baszler spoke about her tag team title win with Ronda Rousey. Baszler says they didn’t have a big plan to get there, but they still had to work extremely hard to get the opportunity in the first place.

“It’s just crazy to look back and think on, and also the fact that it’s not like we set up a plan. We just both wanted it and did our thing to get us here, and so here we are. It’s cool.”

Baszler said that this title win meant more to her because she was genuinely moved by the moment. Baszler said the title win put things in perspective for her and it’s nice to see things come to fruition as a team.

“Yeah, man. That moment at the end of the match where I crawl back in the ring and we’re hugging was a real emotional moment. It’s just wild to think, like I said, when we think back to trying to pay for enough food to eat throughout the week and still make weight, and living in the beach in Venice, it’s weird. I can’t explain it. It’s weird to think that we talked about it, and it’s here, and it happened. I don’t think people understand, like people see Ronda as this big name, and she is, she’s Ronda. But I don’t think people really understand how much we had to fight for this. Maybe that’s something for a book in the future or whatever, but it’s not like it’s been easy. It’s not like this is just handed to us. We had to fight and claw and demand for this opportunity.

“We just didn’t take no for an answer. It’s just one of these things, I remember actually Ronda had something and I’m paraphrasing, but we had gotten a ‘not yet,’ like not this opportunity yet, and I think Ronda said something along the lines of like, ‘Our passion for wanting to do this is bigger than their apathy for it happening. So it’s just cool to see the fruition of literally just working hard and not giving up. It’s so cliche sounding, but the proof is right here in front of people.”

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