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The Undertaker: A WWE Roast Would Be Huge, I’m Not Talking About Me Being Roasted

The Undertaker thinks a WWE roast would be great, but he’s not volunteering himself.

The Roast of Tom Brady recently sparked plenty of buzz in the sports world and beyond. Various celebrities have been the subjects of roasts over the years, and The Undertaker wonders if WWE could have one during WrestleMania week.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker brought up the possibility but clarified that he was not volunteering himself to be roasted. (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

“They just did the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix,” The Undertaker said. “I wonder what…I don’t want to say instead of doing the Hall of Fame because the Hall of Fame is very important, but maybe some kind of restructuring of it. A roast. What about a roast? I think it would be huge. I’m not talking about me being roasted. I wasn’t volunteering myself to be roasted. There are a lot of guys that came before I did that need to be roasted.”

The Undertaker On Who Could Get Roasted

The Undertaker made it clear that he was not talking about himself being roasted. He named Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as possibilities.

“Triple H. Stephanie [Stephanie McMahon],” The Undertaker said. “I’m just thinking, we need to do a test model, I think we should do Stephanie. She’s back in the fold. Back in the company. It’s gonna be Stephanie or Triple H. That’s perfect. [Triple H] right now is the shizz. He’s a huge babyface.”

The video can be seen here:

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