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Photo Credit: WWE

Asuka Has Knee Surgery, Shares Health Update

Asuku has given an update on her knee surgery.

The former WWE Women’s Champion was pulled from the Queen of the Ring tournament last month. WWE then revealed that she needed knee surgery, having not wrestled since losing the women’s tag team titles at Backlash France in May.

On the latest video from her YouTube channel, KanaChanTV, Asuku showed clips of her in her car, going to the airport to travel for her knee surgery. Japanese text was shown on the screen, and translated in the captions. She revealed it is only her second surgery, after shoulder surgery two years ago.

“I’m at an airport because of my knee surgery. I go to the car rental center first. Good thing there is a car rental center in the airport. I wonder if I’ll have trouble walking after my knee surgery. I’ve only had one surgery so far. That time it was shoulder surgery, so I could walk freely. But this time it’s knee surgery.

My mother asked me, “Aren’t you afraid of surgery?” I told her that if she slept, the surgery would be over. But it’s still surgery.”

She then showed a clip of her in the waiting room, ready for her surgery. Asuka told viewers that she is nervous, and hungry, due to not being allowed to eat or drink prior to the knee surgery

“I’m about to have knee surgery.” Asuka said.” I’m going to wait in the waiting room for them to call me. I’m hungry because I can’t eat or drink from 5:00 in the morning to prepare for the surgery, I’m a little nervous. They started an IV in my arm. I’m off.”

Asuka Remained In Hospital For One Day After The Surgery

Next, the video cut to Asuka in bed post-surgery. She revealed that the surgery was a success, having spent an hour-and-a-half under the knife.

“I hear my knee surgery is over. My mind is not very awake because of the anesthesia. This is my first meal of the day. I hadn’t eaten anything at all, so I must have been hungry. I ate a half-size sandwich slowly over the course of hours.”

“I’m going to stay in the hospital today after the surgery. I think the surgery time, excluding preparation, was about an hour and a half. Then I must have slept soundly and woke up at 6:30 p.m. I seem to have slept for more than 3 hours after the surgery. The doctor told me the surgery was a success.”

“And so the day is over. I called my mother before the surgery. I told her not to be afraid, that the surgery would be done while she was asleep. But in fact, I was nervous before the surgery. The doctors and nurses were very kind and gentle, so I felt very relaxed.”

Her Knee Still Hurt The Next Day

Despite the surgery being a success, Asuka still has a long way to go before she fully recovers.

The Japanese star said that she could not walk on her own, as she made her way around the hosptial room on a walker. She was given crutches, and went to a different room for rehab.

She also had to use a wheelchair to get around the airport. There is still a long road to recovery, but the biggest hurdle is finally over.

“Discharged the next day. I could not walk on my own. My knee hurts, but I can take painkillers and I’m fine. Pity I can’t walk freely. Now I am going to be moved to a rehabilitation center for my rehabilitation. My knee hurts.”

“I’ve never used crutches before. Difficult to use them. The airport staff got me a wheelchair when they saw how hard it was for me to get around. If I had not used the wheelchair, it would have been difficult to arrive at the airport in time for my flight. I’ve been taking painkillers for the past few days, but my knee still hurts. I’m fine.”