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Bron Breakker: That Intercontinental Championship Needs Me

Former NXT World Champion Bron Breakker made his intentions clear on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He confronted Sami Zayn and told him that he wants to beat Zayn and take the Intercontinental Championship from Sami Zayn.

Following Monday Night Raw, Bron Breakker was interviewed by Cathy Kelly on Raw Talk. During the interview, the Mad Dog mentioned that the Intercontinental Championship needs Breakker. He also claimed that Sami Zayn does not need the title at this stage of his career.

“Now, Sami Zayn. Look Sami, you’ve had an incredible career, all right? You’ve been on top of WWE for over a decade. You’ve main-evented WrestleMania, won World Tag Team Gold, multiple-time Intercontinental Champion. There’s not very much around here that you haven’t accomplished. But you wanna know what the difference between you and me is? Is that you are well fed. You’ve made millions of dollars since being here. And truth be told, you don’t need the Intercontinental Championship at this stage of your career.

“That Intercontinental Championship needs me. Because, whether you like it or not, Bron Breakker is the future of WWE. I am carrying it on my back to ensure that WWE has a home 10, 15 years from today. Whether you like it or not, Sami, I’m coming for the Intercontinental Championship because it’s my job, my legacy, to create my own legacy for me, for Bron Breakker, and to carry my families on. In the process of doing so, I will do whatever it takes to get there because it is what I have to do,” Bron Breakker said.

Bron Breakker praises Sheamus

Breakker also had a match against Sheamus on Raw. The match ended in a disqualification as Ludwig Kaiser cost the Celtic Warrior the match. During the Raw Talk segment, Breakker also appreciated Sheamus for giving him a tough fight.

“There is nothing that I would rather be doing on a Monday Night than getting into an absolute fistfight with an absolute legend of our business. All right? Sheamus, I gotta give it to you brother. You earned my respect tonight. You taught me what it means to have banger after banger, what Fight Night actually means, all right? You’re a first-ballot Hall of Famer; there is no question. But you’re lucky that Kaiser got involved. Because the result would have been the same either way. It would have been Spear, one, two, three.”

Do you think Bron Breakker will be the one to dethrone Sami Zayn?