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Mike Santana Explains Why He Decided To Return To TNA Wrestling

Mike Santana made his surprise return to TNA earlier this year following the expiration of his All Elite Wrestling contract.

TNA Wrestling‘s Mike Satana recently sat down with WhatCulture. When asked about his decision to return to TNA after his run in All Elite Wrestling, Santana said things came together pretty quickly. Despite having conversations with WWE, he believed there was unfinished business to take care of in TNA.

“Everything happened, honestly, pretty fast,” Mike Santana admitted. “Like I’ve said before, I’ve always kept an open ear in connection with a lot of guys at TNA. I had a lot of friends here, and I’ve always been one to always keep my ear to the ground and make sure that I know what’s going on. Any professional wrestler that’s in the business should always do their homework and always stay connected to whatever’s going on because there’s so much now, right?

“Like there’s so much wrestling and so much going on, so I’ve always been one to do my homework and stay in touch with everyone. I’ve always loved what TNA has been doing throughout the years, that I’ve been gone, and that they’ve gone through such a huge transition and so much talent. It’s just been awesome to see their growth and progression.

Mike Santana had conversations with WWE before returning to TNA

“And, yeah, when everything happened, once it got leaked pretty much that I was no longer with AEW, I planned to just keep it to myself a little bit. And I did wait maybe, like, a week before I said anything myself. But, yeah, everything happened pretty quick, man. When everything got leaked, WWE reached out. I spoke to some people there, and then I spoke with people at TNA. And everything was great.

“Every conversation I had was great with everyone. But I felt like I still had some unfinished business to do at TNA, and it was somewhere after having a lot of the talks like both of our mindsets were in the same place. And it’s a great place to grow and to prosper. And I feel like when I left TNA the first time, we left there with the company being at such a height. I felt like I wanted to come back and contribute as much as I could and continue that hype train.”

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