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ODB Announces New Book, ‘Jessie Kresa Is ODB: One Dirty B!tch’, Now On Sale

ODB has announced the release of her new book.

The TNA Knockouts Legend has wrestled for the past 23 years after appearing in the 2001 series of WWE’s Tough Enough. However, she found fame in TNA under the ODB name, wrestling for the company on and off between 2007 and 2021.

She hasn’t wrestled since last year, instead turning her hand to the written word. ODB announced on Twitter that she has released a new book, published independently and promoted all by herself.

ODB posted on Twitter about her new book. Titled “Jessie Kresa is ODB: One Dirty Bitch” is her first autobiography, and is available for purchase on her website, or on Amazon.

She announced that she has “no PR team” and “No fancy book tour”, and hopes her fans read her story in her latest release.

ODB said on Twitter:

“I don’t have no Big Corporate Company supporting me ,no PR team. No fancy book tour I do have One Helluva Journey that I decided to share with you all. Now I’m the first ever TNA Wrestling Knockout to tell her story….. I hope all my Big Fans out there read my book. #ODB

ODB: Al Snow Is Underrated As A Trainer

ODB thinks that Al Snow isn’t appreciated enough as a wrestling trainer. She spent time under the WWE legend in OVW, and he helped her learn to wrestle early in her career.

ODB was a recent guest on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, where she talked about Al Snow’s influence on those who he trained.

“Training under Al Snow which I think he’s so underrated. You don’t realize how many people he made,” ODB said. “He has a great mind for wrestling. Shit. That’s who I owe a lot of my credit for because he just always told me he’s like, ‘You’re a woman. Don’t wrestle like a guy.’ That’s the main thing he always told us, ‘Stop wrestling like a dude with boobs.’ And it was so true. Like, no one wants to see — you know, I mean, nowadays, it’s a little different, but you’re still women.”