The Undertaker
Photo Credit: WWE

Blink-182 Enter To Undertaker’s Theme Song, The Deadman Reacts

The Undertaker has given Blink-182 his approval to use his iconic entrance music.

The legendary American rock band is currently embarking on their “One More Time” tour. They are performing a series of dates across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK and Ireland between now and November.

Blink-182 performed the opening night of the tour on June 20th at the Kia Center in Miami, Florida. The band entered the arena to a song that is very familiar to wrestling fans. They dimmed the lights, and entered to the familiar “gong” of The Undertaker’s WWE entrance music.

Luckily, The Undertaker was happy to see them using his music. He replied to a clip of the band paying homage to him on Twitter, saying they made a “great choice” by using his music. He also quoted their hit song “All the small things” in the post, showing he is at least broadly a fan of their music.

“Say it ain’t so… Great choice in entrance songs @blink182, have a great tour.”

Blink-182’s Undertaker entrance was not their only wrestling connection, as Billie Starkz also to contact the band about using one of their songs.

The ROH star previously Tweeted to the band, asking for permission to use one of their songs as her entrance music. Starkz wanted to use the 1999 track “Aliens Exist” from their album “Enema of the State” as her walk-out music.

“Dear @blink182 Please give me permission to use Aliens Exist for my entrance music everywhere. Also, would be really cool if you could do it live some time for me ? Thanks,”.

Sadly, the two parties have yet to come to a satisfying agreement. Despite pitching for it in AEW/ROH, she is still without the classic Blink-182 song.