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Photo Credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio Comments On Rumor He Was In ‘Freddy vs. Jason’

Did you know Rey Mysterio was a stunt double in Freddy vs. Jason? Well, it’s news to him.

Mysterio has poured water on the longstanding rumors that he was a stunt double on the Freddy vs Jason movie. It has long been claimed that the former WWE Champion worked as a stunt double on the 2003 movie. Various people have claimed the lucha legend was the double for Robert Englund, who played Freddie Kruger, for the picture.

However, with Englund noticeably taller than Mysterio, and no other such credits in his work, this seemed very unlikely. Dominik Mysterio previously denied his father took part in the movie. Now, Rey Mysterio himself has cleared up the misconception about his role.

Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet, where he was asked to clear up these rumors once and for all. The WWE Superstar denied he was ever in the movie, although he theorises this it was his uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr, who took part instead.

His uncle is taller than him and has done film work in the past, so it makes sense. Given the younger Mysterio’s lack of film work outside of Ready to Rumble, it always seemed unlikely.

“Why does everybody keeping asking me that? My sister-in-law just asked me last week. Of course [it is false]. Unless it was my uncle, Rey Mysterio did something as a stunt double on that movie. That’s the only way I could put it. I’ve never asked him. I’m sure he might have done it, but there’s a big difference between Rey Mysterio Sr and me. He’s twice my size. It was my uncle!”