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Shawn Michaels Explains The Nuances Of Navigating Sensitive Storylines Like Ridge Holland & Brooks Jensen

Shawn Michaels has seen his fair share of sensitive storylines during his time as a WWE performer.

WWE Vice President of Talent Development Shawn Michaels recently participated in the NXT Heatwave Media Call. Michaels was asked about the recent storylines for Ridge Holland and Brooks Jensen and the sensitivity needed for these types of stories. Michaels said they try their best to blur the lines, but they also want to be sensitive about it.

“Well, look, first of all, it’s a very sensitive subject,” Shawn Michaels admitted. “We certainly do our best, as we’ve always done in this business, and certainly with WWE, to blur those lines between reality and what is 100% storyline or sports entertainment. I always want to be sensitive to that, and I don’t ever want to overstep.

Sometimes, you miss the mark…

“Look, sometimes you miss the mark. And there’s something that people take from it that you certainly didn’t intend. Certainly, those things do happen. But all I can do is give people, as someone who’s been through it at a time when people were not sensitive to it in any way, shape, or form, you can trust that there is somebody that is very sensitive to it.

“And if I feel like those things are being abused in any way, shape, or form, I’m certainly going to back off of that. But that’s something again for us; I will always say if I even feel that, I’m going to make sure that next week, that it is made perfectly clear that it’s nothing more than a storyline that is meant to be a little bit interesting and compelling. But also not ignoring the real world that is out there.”

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