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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Konnan: Tony Khan Got Upset With Me For Referring To AEW Wrestler As ‘Some Chick’

Konnan has revealed why Tony Khan got mad at him.

The Mexican wrestling legend is the current booker for the legendary AAA promotion. He has worked with AEW multiple times, even appearing on-screen a few times in cameo appearances

However, he did upset Tony Khan at some point in the past. Konnan spoke on his Keepin’ it 100 podcast (H/T F4WOnline), where he revealed one instance where his use of words to describe a female wrestler rubbed Khan the wrong way.

This was after Tony Khan pulled Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo from the show at the last minute. Konnan didn’t understand why Khan needed Melo on his show and called her a “chick” on -air, which upset Khan.

“Tony got really, really mad about this and I can’t even believe he got mad,” Konnan said on the show. “I was thinking to myself, you’ve got so many girls but you’re going to use her.. okay. And then I said on the podcast, I go ‘some chick got (COVID)’ because I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me to say the name. And when he saw me, he goes, ‘What do you mean some chick?’ Like, oh give me a break, dude. So, would you rather have had me say the name?’

“It’s not being disrespectful. If you say ‘chick’ I think they know what you mean. ‘Hey, that’s a hot chick,’ is that disrespectful? We’ve been selling out everywhere. We don’t even need AEW, and they’re expensive and it’s hard to deal with them because they pull ’em out at the last minute. I see they haven’t had that problem with Arena Mexico. Whether he’s trying to stick it up… because I don’t put over his thing or he’s just having a good business relationship and it’s easier to work with them, I have no idea.”

Konnan: What Goes Around Comes Around For Tony Khan

Konnan continued. He cryptically warned Tony Khan about some secret behaviour of his that he did not reveal. The legend warned him that “what goes around comes around”, warning him to “have your little fun while you can”.

“It (was) even before I started criticizing him. This is from like the very beginning,” Konnan continued. “I’m going to be very vague with what I’m about to tell you and remember I said it today and very soon you’ll find out what I’m talking about, what comes around goes around. And when it happens, you’re going to go, ‘Okay, now I see what you’re talking about.’ So, have your little fun while you can.”