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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Bully Ray Offers ‘Constructive Criticism’ On How AEW Champions Are Billed On Ad 

Bully Ray has offered his own “constructive criticism” about AEW’s latest advertising.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been very critical of AEW for some time. Has has previously talked about wrestlers like Jack Perry and Orange Cassidy, offering his view on them as characters and as people. Some of these have been unjust, but his latest criticism does have some merit.

The ECW legend replied to AEW’s latest post advertising their card for AEW Dynamite on Twitter. Bully Ray Tweeted out his suggestion to the company regarding the way they bill Swerve Strickland on these adverts.

Bully Ray noted that Chris Jericho and Will Ospreay had the names of their respective championship next to their names on the card. However, the “AEW World Champion” was missing from the part advertising Swerve Strickland’s return to the show.

Bully Ray did not say why this should be included. However, speculation would lead you to believe it’s for continuity purposes or just good practice to mention who your world champion is.

Bully Ray wrote:

“Constructive criticism… Since you included “FTW CHAMPION” for Jericho and “INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION” for Ospreay How about including “AEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION” for Swerve. Hope this helps. xo -Uncle Bully”

To be fair to AEW, this seems to just be a simple omission, or just a design choice. In a later Tweet, they correctly advertise Swerve Strickland as the AEW World Champion, both in the Tweet and the accompanying graphic. It’s also worth mentioning that Swerve is holding the AEW Championship in the graphic, while Jericho and Ospreay aren’t.

While it may be a nitpick from the ECW legend, it is always important to advertise your champion correctly. He should be the biggest star in the company.

UPDATE: AEW updated the graphic again, this time including the ‘AEW World Champion’ text over Swerve’s name.