Joe Tessitore
Photo Credit: Maarten de Boer via Getty Images

Report: ESPN Star Anchor Joe Tessitore Joining WWE As Commentator

WWE have added Joe Tessitore to their already impressive line-up of commentators.

The iconic commentator has been calling boxing on ESPN for over two decades. He is the chief boxing announcer for the channel and also covers college football on ABC.

However, he is making the jump to professional wrestling with the WWE later this summer. The New York Post reported that WWE signed Tessitore to a contract, starting later on in the year.

The ESPN star will lead a three-man commentary booth, being flanked by WWE’s Corey Graves and Wade Barrett. It is not reported whether he will commentate on Raw or Smackdown, although it is expected that he will anchor one show, while Michael Cole does the other.

It looks likely he will take over the booth on Smackdown. Corey Graves has been the play-by-play announcer, alongside Barrett, since Kevin Patrick was let go in January. Joe Tessitore would slot in nicely alongside the pair, leaving Michael Cole and Pat McAfee to call Raw on Monday Nights.

Smackdown will be moving to the USA Network later this year, which could be a huge draw for the boxing commentator. He is also a former client of Nick Khan, the now-president of the WWE, which also could have been what sealed the deal for him to join the company.

The deal is not exclusive, however. Tessitore will remain at ESPN and ABC, where he will continue to broadcast for college football and Top Rank boxing.

WWE have not announced his signing. However, an official press release is expected later today.

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed Joe Tessitore will join the company this summer.