Photo by World Wonder Ring STARDOM

Hazuki Promises To Win The Wonder Of Stardom Title This Year

Hazuki addressed the STARDOM crowd in Korakuen Hall on her plans for her wrestling career for the remainder of the year.

At the July 7th STARDOM show at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Hazuki teamed up with her fellow STARS faction members Koguma and Momo Kohgo against Oedo Tai’s Natsuko Tora, Rina, and Fukigen Death. After a competitive back and forth between both teams, Hazuki lands a Diving Senton on Fukigen Death for the pinfall victory.

This match was monumental for Hazuki as she celebrated her 10-year wrestling anniversary at the show. She spoke to the audience post-match and immediately laid claim to the Wonder of Stardom Championship.

Throughout her ten years in wrestling, Hazuki has challenged for the white belt for a total of five times. Despite her long tenure in the wrestling business, she has never successfully won the Wonder of Stardom Championship. Nonetheless, she has seen success as a former High Speed Champion and a multi-time duos and trios tag team champion.

The reigning Wonder of Stardom Champion, Mika Iwata of Sendai Girls, will defend the title against Cosmic Angels’ Saori Anou at the Sendai Girls Korakuen Hall show, as previously reported. Mika Iwata, however, has not commented on Hazuki’s claim towards her title.