Report: Taping Impact on the Road Becoming a Financial Burden for TNA

Impact WrestlingAccording to The Wrestling Observer, it is currently costing TNA approximately $600,000 per taping to film Impact Wrestling on the road, and that large expense is the primary reason why TNA is facing financial problems right now, and as a result has had to cut numerous contracts recently.

TNA President Dixie Carter recently said in an interview that if TNA had taken Impact on the road in earlier years it could have risked the future of the company, however the decision to do it now hasn't really paid off as there has been no significant increase in ratings or revenue.

Currently, TNA has made a long term commitment to taping Impact on the road, and even if the company were to decide to return to taping the show in Orlando, FL, the Impact Zone is unavailable as Universal Studios has a new tenant occupying the soundstage.