Batista’s Movie Opens Strong, Wrestling Legend Health Update, ECW Star Battling Cancer

Dave BatistaBatista's Movie Finds Success Opening Weekend

"Riddick", featuring former WWE star Dave Bautista, came in the first at the box office this past weekend. The movie earned $19,030,375 in its opening weekend. In other movie-related news, "Fast & Furious 6", starring The Rock, ended up doing $788 million worldwide, making it #43 all-time when it comes to worldwide box office.


Nick Bockwinkel Health Update

There had been reports last week that AWA and wrestling legend Nick Bockwinkel had Alzheimer's disease. However, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Bockwinkel's wife has denied that his particular illness is Alzheimer's. Still, she would like to keep his actual health conditions private and in the family for now. 

Ian Rotten Battling Cancer

Ian Rotten (real name: John Williams) recently stated that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and began chemotherapy treatment last week. The former ECW star (Williams had a brief run with the company between '94-'95) said he is in the early stages of cancer and that his chemo is supposed to last six weeks. Rotten runs IWA Mid South and has canceled a couple of his upcoming events, but hopes to be back up and running events by December.