MTV True Life Star Says She Wants to be a WWE Diva, Carlito Reacts to His HOF Intro Speech, Jake Roberts Talks His HOF Speech

Carlito and Jake Roberts Talk WWE Hall of Fame Speeches

jake posted a brief interview with Carlito, who inducted his father Carlos Colon into the WWE Hall of Fame last night. Carlito had the following to say regarding putting his intro speech together:

"He has had such a storied career, it writes itself. My main thing is that I don't want to turn it into a stand-up comedy act and make things about myself. I want to focus on my dad, it's all about him. The less I'm involved, the better." also caught up with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who had the following to say about his speech last night:

"I wrote some stuff down, and I did not follow any of it. I've always done that. It came from the heart."

MTV True Life Star Says She Wants to be a WWE Diva

MTV’s “True Life:  I’m Too Beautiful” and “Life on the Road” Star Dana Adiva joined the VOC Nation Radio Network to talk about shooting with MTV, growing up as the daughter of a pro wrestler, her aspirations in wrestling, competing in #BabeBracket2k14, and more.

Listen to the entire interview on the VOC Wrestling Nation show at:

Here is what the MTV star and aspiring Diva had to say:

On filming MTV True Life: 

“I filmed with them for about 8 months, and then I also did the “Life on the Road” follow up show.  A lot of the stuff they filmed wasn’t used, but I still had a lot of fun.”

On how she came to love wrestling:

“Since the day I was born, my dad (Diceman Ronnie Vegas) had me on the road with him.  I grew up meeting tons of people (being at the shows).  I always wanted to be one of the divas.  I love wrestling.  At first I didn’t tell my dad because I wanted it to be a surprise for him, but it’s so much fun for him to have his daughter in professional wrestling.”

On getting ahead in entertainment:

“I get a lot of negative comments when I go out.  If (people) want to hate me, go ahead, I don’t care.  I have a lot of people that look up to me at the same time.  I never got an agent, I did everything on my own my whole life; with modeling, wrestling, and being on TV, I didn’t have any help.  It was just me, my family, and my friends.”

On her aspirations as a performer:

“I want to wrestle.  That’s my biggest goal right now.  I’m really focusing on training.  I was valeting and managing for a while, but I really just want to be in that ring.  I have so much heart and passion (for the business).”

On someday working in WWE or TNA:

“I really want to be in the WWE or TNA, but I don’t want to go until I’m ready.  When (my trainers) tell me I’m ready, I will go after it 100 percent.”

On her Wrestlemania Prediction:

“I’m going for Randy Orton.  He’s covered in tattoos; he’s hot.  I’m a big Randy Orton fan, I always have been.”

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