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Impact Wrestling Results (6/21): New Tag Team Champions Crowned, More

Impact Wrestling Results – 06/21/18Impact Wrestling Results

June 21st, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Impact Tag Team Championship: Z&E vs LAX w/King

DJ Z and Everett take off their entrance gear on the stage. LAX runs up the ramp and a brawl breaks out. LAX quickly takes advantage. Ortiz hits DJ Z in the gut with a chair. Santana sends Everett into the barricade. Everett surprises Ortiz with a helo over the top rope to the outside. DJ Z manages to take Santana over with a spinning head scissors on the floor. DJ Z climbs up top and crushes Santana with a splash off the top. DJ Z and Everett both kick Santana in the head at the same time. Santana kicks out. LAX hit a Magic Killer into a backbreaker for a near fall. Ortiz and Santana work over Everett. Everett manages to hit a dropkick to take out Ortiz and Santana. Everett tags in DJ Z. Second rope elbow by DJ Z. DJ Z tries his rolling DDT on both Ortiz and Santana at the same time, but LAX reverses it into a facebuster.

Ortiz and Santana set up another double team. DJ moves out of the way and Ortiz ends up holding Santana in the air. Everett springboards off the top and hits a rolling sunset bomb on Santana. Everett lands a Pelé kick. Santana kicks out. King barks orders at Santana while he is laid out on the mat. After the break, Ortiz and Santana hit there assist corner Cannonball. Ortiz and Santana set up the gringo cutter but Everett tries to break it up. Santana dives off the top and splashes Everett.  DJ Z surprises Santana with a tornado DDT. Series of splashes, moonsaults, and shooting stars by DJ Z and Everett. Ortiz kicks out., Everett misses a sky twister press off the top. LAX hits the Street Sweeper for the win!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions, LAX!