Roman Reigns Creates A Fantasy Team, WWE Network Schedule For 8/14

roman reignsRoman Reigns Creates A Fantasy Team

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was recently the subject of a USA Today article, talking about Reigns’ history as a football player and fantasy football.

Reigns was an All-ACC defensive linemen at Georgia Tech before he started wrestling, and says his finisher, the spear, draws from football:


“My finisher, the spear, it’s pretty much an open-field tackle, driving my shoulder into the guy’s chest and wrapping up,” he said. “It was an obvious choice.”

Roman Reigns creates a fantasy team consisting of WWE Superstars who would make good players, and he had some interesting feedback on the positions:

Guard – Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt. “Mark Henry is a guard. Definitely a strong guard for sure. Bray’s got a low center of gravity and has good feet on him. He knows what to do.”

Fullback – Ryback. “He’d have a big neckroll. He’d wear a huge neck roll. He’d be the best. We’d have him mic’d up, and he’d be saying all kinds of big guy phrases. (Reigns breaks into a cave man voice.) Like, ‘Big guy block. Big guy block!’”

Coach – Paul Heyman. “He’d be a motivator, He’d have a hell of a pregame, postgame and halftime speech. And assistant head coach Arn Anderson. Just because I’d love to hear him talk.”

To see Reigns’ complete team, and who he would pick for owner, and who he wouldn’t put on his team, click here.

WWE Network Schedule

The following is a list of airings for the WWE Network schedule for Thursday, August 14th:

9:00 am ET – SmackDown Flashback: 9/30/99

10:30 am ET – WCW Bash At The Beach 1999

1:30 pm ET – Video Vault: SummerSlam 1995 – Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon

2:00 pm ET – WWE Countdown: most Infamous Gimmicks

3:00 pm ET – WWE Countdown: Top Ten Most Exciting Celebrity Twists

4:00 pm ET – WrestleMania Rewind: WrestleMania XV

5:00 pm ET – Best of SmackDown: 7/5/01

7:00 pm ET – Total Divas

8:00 pm ET – Total Divas

9:00 pm ET – WWE NXT

10:00 pm ET – WWE Superstars

11:00 pm ET – Total Divas