Brand New WWE 2K15 Gameplay Details, Note On “Leprechaun Origins” Director

wwe 2k15New WWE 2K15 Gameplay Details

New WWE 2K15 gameplay details have been revealed according to several outlets online, including a new chain wrestling feature.

We posted a video that had shown some opening moments from a demo match, featuring Randy Orton and Cesaro, which can be seen here. The on air graphic shows the inclusion of the new feature, and Gamespot has more details on the new mini-game.


The new system will feature the player pushing one of three buttons, which are preprogrammed in the game, to almost act like a game of rock, paper, scissors. After this, the winner gets the upper hand as it then transitions to some chain wrestling.

Here, you will see some on-screen graphics of a right analog stick, one for you and one for the opponent. You have to rotate the stick to find the right spot displayed before your opponent, and this starts a chain. If the opponent beats you to it, the chain is broken.

They do mention it’s possible to start a match with some kicks and punches, but the inclusion of the chain wrestling system is meant to provide more depth and realism to the WWE brand, like what is seen in 2K’s NBA series. WWE 2K15 is set for release on October 28th, 2014.

Note On Leprechaun Director

According to TheWrap, Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky has signed on to direct “Dead Rising,” a new 90-minute film based on the Capcom video game franchise.

Sony’s Crackle platform will give the film an exclusive digital release in the United States, before the film sees a multi-platform release on several video-on-demand. As previously reported, the Lipovsky-directed Leprechaun film, a WWE Studios production starring Hornswoggle, will also see a VOD and digital release after a limited theater run, starting tomorrow.