Complete Ring of Honor TV Taping Results from Lakeland, FL; 4 Weeks Worth of TV Results *Spoilers*

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Ring of Honor TV Taping Results

From Lakeland, Florida

Show Number One:

Match Number One: Cedric Alexander defeats Tommaso Ciampa after reversing the decision when Nigel tells the referee about Ciampa cheating.

After the match Ciampa attacks Alexander with a chair and brainbusters Alexander on the chair.

Match Number Two: Moose and RD Evans defeated Evans and Case when Evans hit a diving head butt off Moose’s shoulder.

Michael Elgin came out to be interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Elgin got frustrated after a few minutes and left.

Match Number Three: Briscoes defeat Matt Taven and Michael Bennett after a Jay Driller on Taven.

After the match. Cole comes into the ring and is attacked by the Briscoes. Mark is pushed off the turnbuckles through a table by Maria. Jay got attacked by the Kingdom.

End of episode one.