Recently Departed TNA Knockout Already Returning?, Update on Zeb Colter’s Injury Status, Vince Moves $96 Million Worth of Stock

Source: The Wrestling Observer

tna knockoutRecently Departed Knockout Already Returning?

As we recently reported, TNA Knockout Brittany decided to leave the company after TNA made her a one-year deal which she turned down.

Despite Brittany leaving to work the indy scene and pursue modeling, there’s backstage talk in TNA that Brittany could be returning in time for TNA’s debut on Destination America to continue her story line with Samuel Shaw and Gunner.

Update on Zeb Colter’s Injury Status

While the injury Zeb Colter suffered on Raw back on December 1st was indeed a storyline injury, Colter did have surgery while he’s been away which is why WWE wrote him off TV. No details regarding the surgery have been revealed other than he had been having difficulty moving lately.

Vince Moves $96 Million Worth of Stock

Vince McMahon reportedly moved 8,500,000 shares of his personal WWE stock to his trust account, which at the time was worth about $96 million.

As of this writing, Vince currently owns 39,272,641 shares of stock, worth around $440 million.