Report: Tyson Kidd’s Injury Possibly Worse Than is Believed, Backstage News on Talents Keeping Quiet About Injuries

Tyson KiddWhile the actual injury has yet to be confirmed or announced, a source reportedly told The Wrestling Observer that the injury suffered by Tyson Kidd during his dark match against Samoa Joe might have been a spinal injury.

As noted, the ref put up the “X” signal during the bout, and Kidd did have to receive medical attention following the match.

It has been mentioned recently that there appears to be a new unwritten policy in WWE in which talents keep injuries somewhat of a secret, if they can, the injury to Kidd is something that no one is supposed to be talking about.

As of this writing, Kidd is hoping to make a full recovery from the injury and avoid surgery. There are no official details on Kidd’s injury at this time.