Report: WWE Once Pitched an Idea for Brock Lesnar to Debut as a Gay Character on Television

brock lesnarAccording to The Wrestling Observer, a plan was once pitched which would have seen Brock Lesnar debut on WWE TV as a gay character.

The idea would have been to have a big guy appear on TV, and later out himself as being gay. The character would not, however, exploit any gay stereotypes but would instead be an alpha-male ass-kicker who happens to also be gay. Upon learning of Brock Lesnar’s imminent arrival to the WWE main roster, the idea was to have Lesnar play the role.

The idea was created by two of WWE’s Magazine writers at the time, one of which was Brian Solomon. Solomon pitched the idea directly to Stephanie McMahon, explaining to her that the character would “blow fans away”, as he would be a hyper-masculine, top babyface who would reveal himself as gay. WWE felt the character would get a lot of support from the gay community, as well as praise from the media for WWE’s “progressive character.”

The idea reportedly made it all the way to the writer’s room, but was eventually shot down by older agents in WWE who thought it was a terrible idea. The idea was something which later lead to the Billy and Chuck story line.