Yahoo Analyzes They Live’s Iconic Fight Scene, Crew Comments On Piper’s Work Ethic, Tyler Breeze Auctioning Off Ring Gear

tyler breezeTyler Breeze 

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They Live 

Yahoo Movies posted a new editorial about the iconic fight scene in John Carpenter’s They Live, featuring WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David. 

The article notes some of the process of staging out the fight, with director They Live director Carpenter being noted as saying the fight took four weeks of rehersals with stunt actors in his backyard. Co-star Keith commented on Piper helping him work on the fight in the film, adding: 

“I was certified in stage combat, but how more qualified was Roddy for that?. So I took many notes and lessons from him. No one could sell giving or taking a punch better than him. It was mostly about timing: Many times, especially when somebody’s throwing a fist in your face, you want to anticipate, so you either move too soon, or you’re so glazed over and you move too late.”

Carpenter said: 

“What makes the fight so interesting and so wonderful was that the fight in itself without words tells the story. We shot for three days and each section of the fight told that story, how it escalates and building up to the ultimate reconciliation.”