How Much Did WWE Donate to CLF?, Four Things You Should Know About ‘They Live’, Paige Guest Stars On The Latest “Taste Of Tenille” (Video)

Uproxx recently celebrated the 27th anniversary of the cult classic / fan favorite film They Live, directed by John Carpenter and starring the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

They Live debuted in theatres on November 4th 1988, and Uproxx posted four things you may not have known about the film. You can read an excerpt below (with quotes from Nerdist); click here to read the complete article. 

The “Bubblegum” Line Was Originally Intended For A Wrestling Promo

Roddy Piper’s famous “bubblegum” line was ad-libbed after it was intended for Piper to use in a wrestling promo. Director Carpenter explained the line’s origin while conducting a past interview with Nerdist.

“It was in the original script, but it all belongs to Roddy, I have to give him complete credit for it. He had a notebook with him in which he would think up one-liners for his matches. And you know part of wrestling is the interview…

So his character, his “Rowdy Piper” character, would taunt and insult and so forth, so he’d take a notebook with him, and he’d  write the things he would think up… There were others in there, too, but that was the one that really jumped out. I believe that one was for, if I remember right, Playboy Buddy Rose.”

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How Much WWE Donated to CLF

As noted, Corey Graves and Triple H appeared at Chris Nowinski’s Concussion Legacy Foundation’s 8th annual Impact Awards in Boston.

The WWE Community site is reporting that Triple H presented the foundation with a check for $1.5 million. You can read more information at this link.

Taste Of Tenille

The following video is the latest episode of “Taste Of Tenille”, the new YouTube cooking show from WWE Diva Emma.

This week’s show features a strawberry cheesecake recipe, with assistance from guest star and fellow WWE Diva Paige: