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WWE SmackDown Results (11/19) – The Final Four Clash, The Brothers of Destruction Send A Message To The Wyatts

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WWE Smackdown Results

November 19th, 2015

Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

Miz TV Segment (Special Guest: Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Zeb Colter, Dean Ambrose, R-Truth and Kevin Owens)

The Miz welcomes you to his show and this Sunday at Survivor Series, history will be made because a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. Miz brings out his guest. Miz tells Owens that usually guest are not allowed to come out until he calls them out to the ring. Owens says that he’s turning Miz TV into the Kevin Owens Show. Miz & Owens go back and forth on who’s show it is. Owens tells Miz that after Survivor Series when he wins this tournament nobody will be able to deny the fact that he’s the man. Alberto Del Rio & Zeb Colter comes out and interrupts Miz. Colter says that Miz is not fooling anyone and he’s a hater and haters are not allowed in MexAmerica. Colter & Del Rio refuse to take part of this segment because they are not falling into Miz stereotypical media shenanigans where he looks to create drama and cause divide between Del Rio & Colter. Colter calls Miz TV (Blue Clues & Seseame Street) it doesn’t matter what the name of the show is, but it’s the content that matters the most and Colter tells Miz that his show is crap. Colter now rips on Owens and questions if that’s his real name and proceeds to call the Intercontinental Champion a hater. Colter brings up the fact that Owens is Canadian and asks him if cross the border to get into the US? Del Rio comes into the ring and tells Owens to not worry because when he becomes the WWE World Heavyweight MexAmerica Champion there will always be a place for people like Owens. Del Rio says that in MexAmerica there’s always a need for someone to clean up the swimming pools. Owens tells Del Rio that nobody missed him while he was gone. Both men have a stare off and Dean Ambrose joins the fray.

Miz tells Ambrose that he understand that Ambrose is ready to fight and fighting equals ratings. Ambrose tells Miz that he was here to help because Del Rio & Owens were disrespecting Miz TV. He’s humble to be on the show and the other guys are not. Ambrose tells Miz to take a seat. Ambrose asks Del Rio why does he need Zeb Colter to speak for him when he’s the United States Champion? He calls Del Rio a bad hombre and if he has go through Del Rio in order to win the championship he will. Ambrose says that nobody can deliever a beating on the WWE Roster like Owens can, but Ambrose can take a beating and get back up. Ambrose tells Owens to bring his best shot on Sunday and no matter what takes place he will walk out of Atlanta with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Miz gets interrupted for the final time as Roman Reigns arrives. Miz in frustration tells Reigns that there’s a system that goes with Miz TV and that is you don’t come out until he calls you out. Reigns says that he knows this show goes, Miz runs his mouth until they shut his mouth. R-Truth comes out. Truth ask Knoxville what’s up? What’s up is that your looking at the underdog all of his life he’s been a underdog. Truth is a survivor and at Survivor Series he will cut through every superstar in this tournament like a hot knife going through butter and he will become the next champion. Miz reminds Truth that he’s not in the tournament. Ain’t this something. Truth says that it’s his bad and wishes everybody luck besides Del Rio & Owens and goes to the back. Miz says that the guys have no respect for Miz TV. Reigns tells Miz that he needs to chill out. Reigns ask Miz what’s the magic word is and that’s action and Ambrose lands a right hand to Miz. Owens & Del Rio storm out of the ring.