Photo courtesy of Justin Carnes

Exclusive: Krimson Speaks Out On Sending Cease & Desist Letter To TNA, Talks How The Company Took Material He Sent Them and More

Photo courtesy of Daniel Hooven
Photo courtesy of Daniel Hooven

Justin Carnes is an independent professional wrestler under the name Krimson. Recently, Carnes’ legal team sent a cease & desist to TNA regarding Crazzy Steve character citing gimmick infringement. It was then reported that TNA has responded to the letter and don’t feel Carnes’ claims legally hold up. 

This isn’t the first time Carnes has had a run-in with TNA after sending in promo material per their request and then claiming they used the material for other characters similar to his.

I spoke to Carnes in an interview on TribLIVE Radio on Tuesday afternoon and here’s some highlights of what he had to say:

On what made him send the letter after seeing the Crazzy Steve character incorporate material Carnes has used:

I talked to a former producer at TNA and another who is a former producer at TNA and WWE, I’m not going to mention their names but if you know me then you can figure it out — both of them suggested I write a cease and desist letter to TNA, so I did. It’s one of those cases where I’ve been told I have heat with TNA from last time with the whole Krimson/Crimson and then joker Sting thing, as one producer said it seems like this is a big “F” you to Justin Carnes. On top of it, it’s happened to me twice so lord knows how many other people it has happened to. Guys bust their ass on the indy’s trying to get a look and sending stuff in to TNA and essentially sending ideas. So I wonder how many times TNA has done this to other guys and the guys don’t have the means that I do to afford an attorney and try to do something. It’s one of those things that hey, I’m on to you. I see what you’re doingI feel like this happens a lot with them. If it happens to me it can happen to somebody else.

On not being mad at Crazzy Steve but with TNA management:

I have no heat with any of the boys. I’m all for the locker room. I’m all for everyone making a pay day and anyone who has the guts to answer a bell, god bless you. This is nothing against Crazzy Steve who is a very talented performer, especially he has a bit of a vision problem which is incredible he can do what he does. I’m more upset with the management and creative, if you can all it that, with TNA. I have no problem with the boys at all. Fans on social media are taking shots at me and if you’re a Crazzy Steve fan, that’s great. If they would have gotten back to my lawyer and said we see no wrong doing, however to appease the situation we will alter Steve’s appearance to make him less similar to me, it would have ended right there. I would have said good, thank you.

On TNA not reaching out to him or his lawyer yet despite reports that say otherwise:

No, they’ve never got back to me, they still haven’t. Then I read a report that several promoters found it silly, who are these several promoters? Any promoter I’ve talked to rib me tongue and cheek calling me Crazzy Steve because they see it. What is so silly about my claim?

Carnes goes on in the interview to tell the story of being on the road with TNA traveling with Rhyno several years ago where he was told by D-Lo Brown to keep sending promos and at the rate he’s sending them that he won’t have to do a tryout and they will just be able to hire him. 

To hear the full interview, listen below: