TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/24) – EC3 vs Hardy, Lashley/Galloway Fallout, Ultimate X Match


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TNA Impact Wrestling

May 24th, 2016 

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Matt Hardy, Rockstar Spud and Tyrus In-Ring Segment: 

Matt walks down to the ring with a document on his hands. He says that he’s evolved and got better. Tonight, Matt will face one of his greatest rivals, EC3. Matt says that EC3 is nothing more then a warmup match for his upcoming match with Brother Nero at TNA Slammiversary. Matt announces that at TNA Slammiversary the Hardy’s will go one on one in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. He says signing this contract is like signing Brother Nero’s death warrant. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus comes down to the ring. Spud said that he believed in the “Iconic” Matt Hardy.

Spud goes over the sacrifices he’s made for Matt and his entire family. Spud tells Matt that he’s changed and even still this crowd doesn’t respect you. Spud tells the crowd to shut up. Matt tells Spud that he’s getting better and he needs to eliminate brother nero, he forced his hand. Matt asks Tyrus how he feels about this situation. Tyrus says that he does what best for him. Spud says that if Matt fights Jeff at Slammiversary, things are going to get worst for the “Matt Hardy Brand.” Matt says that if Brother Hardy has the courage, he’ll take on Tyrus & Spud tonight in a Handicap Ladder Match. Matt announces that if Spud & Tyrus defeat Brother Nero tonight, he’ll not sign the contract, but if Spud and Tyrus lose to Brother Nero tonight, well Spud & Tyrus will be kicked out of the “Matt Hardy Brand”.