GFW Impact Destination X Results (8/17): Multiple Returns, Super X Cup Finals, Lashley vs Sydal!

GFW Impact Destination X Results – 08/17/17GFW Impact Destination X Results

August 17th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Backstage, an interviewer is trying to get a word with Bruce Prichard. The door opens and she tells us that we are not going to believe who she just saw.

GFW Knockouts Championship Match: Sienna (c) w/KM vs Gail Kim

Sienna takes a swing at Kim but Kim ducks and hits an arm breaker. Kim takes Sienna over with a head scissors. Kim attempts a crucifix but Sienna fights it off. Kim transitions into a reverse DDT. Kim sets up Eat Defeat but Sienna hightails it out of the ring. Kim follows and hits a 619 on the ring post. Kim tries to DDT Sienna but Sienna picks up Kim and flapjacks her on the ring steps. Sienna mounts Kim and rains down rights and lefts. Sienna tries the Silencer but Kim turns it into a roll up for a two count. Sienna clotheslines Kim. Sienna back breakers Kim, then tosses her across the ring with a fall away slam. Sienna sits Kim on the top rope for a superplex.

Kim reverses it into a powerbomb. Kim slowly gets to her feet. Sienna charges Kim but Kim moves out of the way. Kim splashes Sienna in the corner. Kim climbs up top and splashes Sienna off the top rope. Kim tries her running corner cross body block but Sienna catches Kim and rolls her into a choke. Kim escapes and hits Eat Defeat! Before Kim can pin Sienna, KM gets on the apron. For reasons we will never understand Kim takes a moment to attack KM. As the referee is distracted, Taryn Terrell hits the ring and drops Kim with a cutter. Sienna lifts Kim up and blasts her with the AK47 for the win.

Winner and STILL GFW Knockouts Champion, Sienna!