GFW Impact Results (10/5) Huge AAA Vs GFW Tag Match Main Event, Bound For Glory Matches Signed, More!

GFW Impact Results – 10/05/17GFW Impact Results

October 5th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis

Drake and Adonis are both decked out in custom suits. Drake is chewing on a cigar as he makes his way to the ring. Say what you will about Drake, but he definitely looks the part. Drake tells the crowd it’s a celebration tonight. Drake says last week he went to Slam Town, paved it over, and turned it into a parking lot. Drake then built a palace and opened E-LI’s-Cakes. Dummy, yeah! Spoiler alert, Johnny Impact isn’t here tonight. If Drake has anything to say about it, Impact will never be back. Drake gives his jacket the Gravy Train and announces himself as STILL the Global Champion, Eli Drake. The Global Title isn’t going anywhere. James Cornette is sitting in the back crying because his chosen boy Impact didn’t get the job done.

Drake says he is never going to lose the title. Drake looks into the camera and says no one has enough tingle in their loins to take him on. Drake has so much going on that he has the night off tonight. Drake rips a line from Ric Flair and tells all the size two ladies with double d’s to come to the double tree and ask for the champ. Drake tells Adonis that he got him booked for a match tonight but he doesn’t know who it is against. Adonis looks taken aback. Adonis had no idea he was wrestling tonight. Garza Jr’s music hits and he makes his way into the Impact Zone.