TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/28) – 3-Way Main Event, X-Division Battle Royal, Matt Hardy Addresses Brother Nero


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TNA Impact Wrestling

June 28th, 2016 

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Ethan Carter III, Billy Corgan and Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo: 

Maria wants to thanks Billy Corgan for being a fair leader unlike Dixie Carter who hit her in the face. Bennett says that he has the golden ticket to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Not only will Bennett become the greatest X-Division wrestler of all time, but at Destination X he will become the TNA champion. Bennett says that Lashley has nothing on him. Lashley tells Bennett that he woke the sleeping giant. Lashley is not going to call Bennett the Miracle. Lashley says that Bennett is not half the man he is. Bennett asks Lashley if he’s trying to scare him. Lashley said that he took out Kurt Angle and Bennett is nothing, but a after thought. Bennett says that Lashley may be a bad dude, but he’s not the miracle. Bennett doesn’t care if Lashley, EC3 or Galloway tear each other apart. EC3 comes down to the ring.

EC3 says that he wants the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 said that Bennett kissed Billy Corgan ass in order to become X-Division champion. EC3 calls Bennett a piece of shit. Billy Corgan appears on the stage. Corgan says that he’s a business observer. Corgan said that Bennett deserved the X-Division Championship. EC3 says that Bennett brings down the X-Division. Bennett says that he doesn’t need a match until Destination X. Corgan says that Bennett isn’t going to talk his way into the main event of Destination X. Corgan announces that there will be a battle royal to determine the number one contender to the X-Division Championship. Bennett and Lashley double teams EC3 in the corner, but Galloway comes down to the ring and makes the save. Galloway accidentally drops EC3 with the Claymore.