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Impact Wrestling Results (3/29) Aries and Sydal Battle in a Title for Title Match, More

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Earlier this week, Austin Aries ran into Josh Mathews and Matt Sydal. Aries “congratulates” Mathews on winning the Grand Championship. Sydal says it feels great being X-Division champion. He would never give up the title. Aries says Sydal is referring to option c. Sydal seems to want a title shot. Aries says no disrespect to the X-Division title but he has had it six times already. To get something you have to give something up, so if Sydal wants a shot at the Impact title, Aries wants a shot at the only title in Impact he has never held: the Impact Grand championship. Mathews is livid. Mathews says the title was a gift. Sydal tells Aries he has a deal.

Petey Williams vs Suicide vs Rohit Raju vs Taiji Ishimori

As soon as the bell rings Suicide dropkicks Rajui. Suicide goes tranquillo before tumbling out of the ring with Suicide. Step up ranna by Ishimori to Williams. Williams trips Ishimori into the ropes. Williams dropkicks Ishimori in the back. Williams and Raji battle in the ring. Raji kicks Williams in the knee, then hits a sliding knee. Suicide breaks up the pin. Suicide atomic drops Raji onto Williams, then kicks Raji in the head. Williams puts Ishimori in the Sharpshooter. Raji breaks it up. Raji snap suplexes Williams for a near fall. Suicide goes full E. Honda on with multiple palm strikes. Raji dives onto Williams and Suicide. Ishimori hits the golden triangle moonsault to the outside onto everyone. Multiple pin attempts by everyone.

Ishimori blast Williams with a handspring head kick. Williams hits his diving codebreaker.  Canadian leg sweep by Williams. Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer but Suicide breaks it up. Springboard senton bu Ishimori to Suicide. Ishimori cushes Williams with his patented headstand double foot stomp. Williams powerbombs Raji onto Suicide. Williams tries the destroyer again but Raji counters. Ishimori grabs Raji and hits the tombstone double knees. Ishimori lands the 450 on Raji. Suicide breaks up the pin. Willaims grabs Suicide for the Canadian Destroyer. Ishimori rushing in but Williams back body drops him. Williams hits the Canadian destroyer on Ishimori for the win!

Winner- Petey Williams

After the match, Williams says Matt Sydal needs to bring William’s X-Division title to Redemption.