TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/11): Aron Rex Debuts, Galloway Lays Out a Challenge to EC3, New Champion Crowned!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

August 11th, 2016 

Report By Lovell Porter for

In Ring Segment: EC3

EC3 grabs a mic and before he can speak the crowd chants “next world champ”. EC3 says thanks for the spoiler alert. EC3 says he has had a hell of a career in TNA, but he is missing one thing: a moment of perfection. He is on a quest to be the best. To be the best he has to hold the TNA championship. He came out here to say he is bound for glory. Bobby Lashley joins him in the ring. Lashley tells EC3 that he isn’t the best and he isn’t the man who will beat him. EC3 says Lashley has a point. Lashley is the best. Lashley adds that he changed and evolved and is now better than everyone including EC3. James Storm interrupts and says they must have forgotten to send him his invitation to this party. Storm lets EC3 and Lashley know that at the end of tonight everyone will be chanting the name they have been chanting for the last 14 years. Lashley gets in Storms’ face. Storm and Lashley start to fight and end up battling all the way to the back. Mike Bennett and Moose jump EC3 from behind. Eddie Edwards hits the ring to make the save. EC3 and Edwards clear the ring. Edwards grabs the mic and says since Bennett and Moose couldn’t wait for their match later tonight they should just do this right now.