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Laurel Van Ness Talks Her Upcoming TV Wedding on TNA Impact Wrestling, If Braxton Sutter is Getting “Cold Feet”

This week on the Wrestlezone Impact Rebellion Big Ray & Bin Hamin (aka Ben Duerr) were able to get an exclusive interview with the newly engaged Laurel Van Ness! 

Her engagement to Braxton Sutter was seen on this weeks episode of IMPACT Wrestling, and their wedding is scheduled to take place February 23rd edition of IMPACT. Bin Hamin and Big Ray get the exclusive inside details on the wedding planning and nuptials that will take place in less than 2 weeks. 

Here is short transcript from the interview from this weeks #ImpactRebellion with Laurel Van Ness: 

Bin Hamin: LVN we want to say congratulations and we wanted to know if Maria is (Kanellis Bennett) going to be your bridesmaid? Have you picked out a dress yet? How are things shaping up for the big day? 

LVN: Yes, well we are having everything flown in of course on Daddy’s credit card. We have an unlimited budget, we’re having flowers flown in, we’re having champagne flown in… which we tested the other day, Maria and I. Maria is going to be my Maid-Of-Honor of course! She’ll be standing beside me and we’ve got a couple of little surprises for you that I’m not going to tell. You have to be there, you’ll be the lucky one to be there and witness it all. But yes my dress is custom made just for me with extra jewels on it. It’s just what I deserve. 

Big Ray: I’ve got a question for you Laurel are you at all worried that Braxton Sutter may be getting cold feet? Because I was kind of watching him…

LVN: Whoa Whoa Whoa! 

Bin Hamin: Come on Ray. 

LVN: No! No! No! You do not ask a bride a question like that! First of all… Braxton Sutter is lucky enough to marry me. So no, I’m not worried about him getting cold feet. Please, Please this is his dream! 

You can check out Braxton Sutter’s proposal and engagement to Laurel Van Ness on this weeks IMPACT Wrestling below.

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