Figure Friday: WWE Hall of Fame Jerry Lawler (Photos)

This week I treat you to royalty, the king himself, Jerry “The King” Lawler, in the newest WWE Hall of Fame Elite series exclusive to Target! Thanks to everyone who voted on my personal Twitter, I appreciate it as always! Look for another new poll for next week’s review sometime this weekend!

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That being said, let’s take a look at Lawler in the packaging. As you can see Lawler comes in the typical Elite style packaging, this series being Hall of Fame as it says on the box as well as “Class of 2007” as that’s the year he was inducted. If for some reason you didn’t know, this series only includes guys who have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also in this set is Sting, King Booker and Edge. On the back it has a brief bio about Lawler as well.

Once you remove Lawler from the packaging you can see it’s pretty much the same figure as his older Elite released a few years ago. This one, however, has a younger head scan and different colored attire. It actually reminds me of my very first Jerry Lawler figure I had as a kid growing up from the Jakks WWE Bone Crunching series if you remember that throwback. This one has the same attire, which is kind of cool for a nostalgic factor. Anyway, the detail on this figure is pretty nice. His cape, or entrance gear, is removable as there’s a strap that goes around his waist to secure it. It’s made of a thin rubber so it’s easy to remove off of him, just unlatch it in the back then pull it over his head. The detail on this is quite nice, too.

After that’s removed you can see he is in his wrestling attire we all remember him wearing back in the day. My favorite part about this attire is how much detail Mattel put into the singlet. You can see the wrinkles and even the shape of his stomach/chest underneath, which is a really nice touch as sometimes Mattel just paints on their singlets. Even the chest hair detail is a nice touch. The crowns going down his tights and boots are probably the only real graphic detail on this figure, but it makes it look that much more authentic.

Looking at his head scan you can see it does look like a young Jerry Lawler in my opinion. I feel they did a decent job on him. Perhaps his hair in the back could’ve been more of a mullet but it still looks nice. My only complaint really is his crown. The detail is great but it doesn’t sit on his head too well as they didn’t hollow it out enough to rest on his head properly. When you put it on his head it makes his head look extra tall. Besides that I think it’s a decent figure.

Overall, it’s a nice Lawler figure for those that missed out on his Elite from a few years back. This, of course, is a younger version while the other was a modern version. This figure is only one per case so he may be tougher to find at first until these appear more and more at the store. I had to drive a bit to track these down as there was a great sale at Target, 60% off to be exact, which is an amazing price for these. Keep checking your local Target stores if you haven’t found them just yet as they’re still starting to pop up!

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