Figure Friday: WWE Hall of Fame Sting, Custom Elite WCW Sting (Photos)

Welcome to another Figure Friday! This week we take a look at the Target Exclusive WWE Hall of Fame Elite Sting figure plus how to make a custom Elite Sting based on his WCW days. Thanks to everyone who voted on my personal Twitter once again for this week’s review, I really appreciate it! Keep an eye out on there for polls based on what figures you’d like to see me review next! Now let’s take a look at The Icon!

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Looking at Sting in the packaging you can see he has the typical Elite style box with the Hall of Fame designs and color scheme. I really like the blue as it really helps the figures stand out on the shelves as well as on display if you keep them mint. It says “Class of 2016” as that is when Sting was inducted. You can see Sting in a standard pose with his modern look, when we last saw him on WWE programming really, holding his signature baseball bat. On the back of the box it has a small bio about him and list others in the set, which includes: Edge, Jerry Lawler and King Booker.

Once you remove Sting from the packaging you can see the amount of detail on his coat. It is made out of a thin rubber as the coat is too detailed for Mattel to make a cloth version unfortunately. It’s pretty easy to remove, just remove the bat from his hand then pinch his arms backwards to make it easier to pull the sleeves over his shoulders/arms. I recommend doing this slowly as like I said the rubber is thin so it can rip easily.

After you’ve removed the coat, hopefully no paint errors from the rubber coat, which mine had a few I touched up, you can see Sting in his signature attire. An Elite of Sting like this has been pretty sought after for quite some time and Mattel did a nice job. The detail on his leg padding and boots is great, not to mention his gloves and the scorpions we all know and love on his attire. Sting has his only modern head scan they’ve made, which I think looks okay but it could be better. I wish his hair wasn’t as flat in that he had a little mullet-like look going on. It could be worse, let’s put it that way. His gloves are painted on. I wish they used the plastic wristband mold to make it feel like he’s actually wearing gloves, much like Undertaker’s figures, versus it just being painted. I feel that just adds more realism to the figure itself. Another gripe I do have with it is the fact his arms/head are different colored (skin tone) than his chest, but that is most likely because his chest is painted, it’s probably an all black plastic, versus his arms and head that are molded originally in his skin tone. I do really like his bat though, it’s cool they molded it to look/feel like it’s made out of wood with the wood engravings. Sting does have the typical Elite style articulation with the ab-crunch joint as well as ball-jointed legs and double-jointed knees, too.

Overall, I’d say it’s a decent figure. I was pretty excited to get it as I’ve wanted a modern Sting not wearing a t-shirt like his first Elite had. This figure is only available at Target in their Hall of Fame series so check your local stores to track him down and add him to your collection. I picked up two, as well as his recent WWE Basic 68.5 figure with a younger head scan with his long hair. If you take the Basic and Elite, put them either in boiling water for just a minute or use a hair dryer for a few minutes, pop off the arms and heads then swap them you’ll have a WCW Elite Sting in wrestling attire, much like his Wolfpac figure I reviewed in the past, just with his crow look. Personally I think this WCW figure looks fantastic and who knows if and when Mattel will make one. If you can manage to pick up two, Sting is three per case so you should be okay, I recommend doing this! You can get the Basic 68.5 Sting on as well.

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!