Figure Friday: WWE Elite 50 Warlord (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the Warlord from WWE Elite 50! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll on my Twitter, I appreciate it as always. I got mine on as I didn’t want to have to hunt him down in the store, but this series is just starting to surface at retail if you want to press your luck.

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That being said, let’s take a look at him in the packaging. He has the “First Time in the Line” logo on his box as it’s his very first figure made by Mattel. They decided to do the attire we last saw on his Hasbro figure from way back, which is pretty cool. I personally enjoy the fact Mattel makes attires we either haven’t seen in a very long time or attires never made by previous manufacturers. Warlord has the Legend logo on his box as he falls under that category in history now, whether you deem him a legend is up to you but this figure is a Flashback as it says on his box. He also comes with a piece of the diorama of the WWE Performance Center, which you need to collect everyone in the set to complete. On the back of his box it has a large image of him, some stats and the others in the set, which includes: Baron Corbin, Rhyno, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and John Cena.

Looking at Warlord out of the packaging I’d say it’s an awesome figure. This gimmick was before my time so it’s fun to look back on gimmicks and characters such as these. He was a beast back then and his outfit, which is pretty goofy, actually looks pretty cool in figure form. It doesn’t look as cheesy let’s put it that way. Warlord is well known for his Powers of Pain run than this one, as I’m sure majority of you know.

Mattel did a great job on his accessories. His ‘W’ staff is neat although the way it was packaged caused it to bend a bit, so you may need to straighten out as best you can. His chest armor and headgear fit him securely, which is great as you don’t risk losing anything. His belt is also removable as it has a little latch in the back. To remove his armor and headgear you just pop it off really, just do it gently so you don’t risk ruining anything. Once you remove his entrance attire the figure is pretty simple.

Looking at his head scan I personally like the expression on his face, it’s nice to see the figure not as serious as usual. It’s kind of a goofy, angry expression but at least it’s different. You can see the detail in his beard and even his teeth as well as the wrinkles in head, which is awesome. He’s pretty ripped, I believe he has the Flashback Brock Lesnar torso as he, too, was a beast in his day. You can see the detail in his toning as well as his attire. The designs on his tights, kneepads and boots are a nice touch to make a simple figure pop a bit more.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool figure in my opinion. I know many people were bummed it wasn’t his POP attire, but at least it’s a version of him we have never truly had in a typical action figure style. I personally feel he’s going to be overlooked in the set as I’m sure many kids don’t know of him, but don’t pass him up. It’s a really cool figure to display at the very least as it’s so unique looking with his entrance attire on. To be honest, majority of the figures in Elite 50 are really nice, so be sure to check out my other reviews and look for ones on the others soon!

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!